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The RFA Wallet

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We love this wallet. We genuinely think it’s the best card to wallet (palming) currently on the market. Its super smooth to work and the card almost loads itself!

  1. Wardrobe...In other words tight pants are NOT a problem. Load it while it is ANY pocket, front/back pants. Side or inside Jacket pocket. Even your shirt pocket!.
  2. Load the wallet without having to actually put your hand in the pocket!
  3. No worries about the card jamming halfway down in the loading process.
  4. Besides being a near perfect loading wallet it is ALSO a FULL SURFACE PEEK wallet. AND you can steal from it just as easily as you load it.

The RFA Wallet!

Available in VERY Limited numbers.

No joke. This is a bear to make as you will understand after you get one. There has NEVER been a wallet like this.

Oh yes - we forgot this from Kev Williams...aka Florida Man (just google Florida Man for more info on Kev)

"Well in addition, deep pockets aren't a problem. No more fishing for the wallet , it can be kept RIGHT inside the pocket with no fumbling to load or retrieve, ALWAYS ready... NO slides - ALWAYS ready to go!

...yes, the fact that with NO difficulty it can also be used as a peek wallet makes is even more of a usable utility item. Not JUST card to wallet."

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