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The Nostradamus Code, Mobile App By Charles Gauci

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Important: Not Your Typical Download. Read Notes Below.

We could just write – “Charles Gauci,” and you’d already know this is a fabulous mentalism effect. He is a master at building suspense and excitement into his effects, and The Nostradamus Code is no exception! Want to fry your audiences? Then read on.

For over five centuries Nostradamus has captured the imagination of the entire world with his famous Quatrains/Predictions. The question is: “Was he a genuine psychic or a charlatan?”

Effect: A participant freely selects a year between 1600 and 2099 – those are odds of 499 to 1. Using The Nostradamus Code, the performer clearly demonstrates that Nostradamus was indeed a genuine psychic! And your spectators will be convinced that you are, as well!

  • No Force. Completely free choice.
  • A terrific close-up effect – big build-up throughout the performance.
  • Terrific audience involvement – adds to the final “punch!”
  • Can be repeated immediately with a different outcome every time.
  • The prediction comes in the form of a phone app.
  • The spectators can use their own phones to check that the trick is not in the app. Which it is not.
  • Only available for Android Phones at this stage.
  • Introductory price of £29.99 until 15th March. After that £39.99

IMPORTANT POINTS: This product is ONLY available to ANDROID users. To protect your investment, you must supply the MAC wifi address on your phone with your order. Once you have placed your order simply send us an email with your wifi Mac number.

Once the MAC address has been provided you will receive your effect via e-mail usually within 24 hours.

If we dont get your wi fi MAC code, dont worry we will email you to get it!

What is your MAC number. It’s basically like an IP address for your device. It’s not difficult to find in your settings.

HOW TO FIND YOUR MAC NUMBER: Different Android manufacturers list the MAC address in different places, below are the most commons directions for locating the MAC address.

(Samsung Galaxy S6)

Under your Applications list, select Settings.
Scroll to the right to System.
Select About Device, then Status.
Scroll down to Wi-Fi MAC Address to see your MAC Address. OR (Samsung Galaxy S)

Under your Applications list, select Settings.
At the very bottom of the list, choose About Phone.
Select Status.
Scroll down, your MAC address will be listed under Wi-Fi MAC Address.

OR (Generic)

Under your Applications list, select Settings.
At the very bottom of the list, choose About Device (Android Phones may say About Phone).
Choose Hardware Information.
Your MAC address may be listed under Wi-Fi MAC Address.

OR (Generic)

Under your Applications list, select Settings.
Select Wireless & networks, and then Wi-Fi Settings.
Press the Menu key again and choose Advanced. Your device’s wireless adapter’s MAC address may be visible here.

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