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(R)emote By Francis Girola

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(R)emote By Francis Girola

More than a marked deck of ESP cards, (R)emote is a mentalism powerhouse that enables you to give remarkable and engaging demonstrations of clairvoyance and remote viewing.

Designed to look like a genuine test of extrasensory perception, (R)emote gives you the ability to divine symbols, colours and pictures of locations from all around the world.

Extremely versatile and easy to use, (R)emote is a pack of Zener cards on steroids which comes complete with over half a dozen original routines destined to amaze and involve your entire audience.

Moreover, set to become your go-to ESP deck, (R)emote can also be used to perform the effects you already have in your repertoire.

Nevertheless, the considerable potential of this deck is yet to be fully explored. (R)emote is a tool that provides endless possibilities which you are bound to discover for yourself as soon as you get your hands on it.


35 tarot-size cards on high quality card stock with a textured air finish conceived with the professional mentalist in mind.

This format is perfect for parlour or stage performances. However, the deck can also be used in close-up environments, as you can easily slip it inside your pocket.

The stunning layout of the cards was designed in association with Phill Smith, who created an ingenious dual marking system that is completely invisible to the audience and yet clearly visible to the performer from up to ten feet away or directly from a spread. If you are already familiar with Phill’s work in that field (e.g. ‘DMC Elites’, ‘Creative Solutions’), you know how truly deceptive his markings can be.

(R)emote comes with a downloadable 40-page instructional manual detailing several routines. Additionally, you will also have access to four performance videos and a private Facebook group where mentalists can share brand-new ideas of effects and presentation with the deck.


(Please note that the following routine DOES NOT make use of the marks in any way. Therefore, the performer could stand on the other side of the stage or even be blindfolded during the entire demonstration.)

The performer takes a card out and leaves it in full view of the audience, sight unseen. From this point onwards, the routine is totally hands-off and the cards are shuffled by one or two spectators.

Phase 1:

A volunteer takes the mixed up pack and turns over the top card. This person is instructed to focus on the ESP symbol solely and to try and mentally send that thought to you, the mentalist. You manage to guess the correct one right away.

This process is repeated a second time: the volunteer turns over a second card and is asked to concentrate on the colour of the symbol in order to imagine a landscape with that colour. You miraculously give an accurate description of the image that the spectator has just made up in their mind as well as the colour that was originally selected.

Finally, a third card is turned over. After correctly divining geometric shapes and colours in the previous rounds, this time you decide to up the stakes by trying to obtain a full picture. Therefore, you set out to get a sense of the location that the spectator is looking at.

(No force, no fishing or pumping of any kind, no peeks, no marks, no sleights...)

Phase 2:

The whole pack is now turned over and the top six cards are handed out to several members of the audience. You can instantly name all the elements comprised on each selected card, one by one.

Phase 3:

After successfully demonstrating your powers of telepathy and remote viewing, you now involve your entire audience at once in order to test who are the most intuitive people in the room. You ask everyone to think of a symbol, a colour and country. You then bring all the attention back to the card that you had taken out from the outset. You turn it over and reveal, by show of hands, that the majority of the audience has somehow managed to guess the elements contained on that card.

“What a wonderful routine... I like it a lot! Very well executed and deceptive too.”


“A parlour show in your pocket that drags E.S.P. routines into the modern era. Easy to use, yet surging with power.”

Paul Brook

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