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Murray Mint

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Murray Mint


Two signatures, on two different coins transfer onto one coin. This coin can then be immediately given out and kept by the spectator. There are no duplicate signatures and they are the spectators genuine signatures.

  • Both coins can be borrowed
  • Many variations included
  • Highly engineered gimmick
  • Brnad new magic princible!

"I was really interested to see how Michael could make this effect workable, and if it would really be the answer we were waiting for...he has smashed this one out of the park. Really smart method and this is the true embodiment of a real world worker!" - Alan Rorrison

Murray Mint is an all new, deviously clever, highly engineered gimmick that opens up an entire world of routine possibilities.

This is the final word in signature transposition effects, imagine being able to move the spectator’s signature/initial’s from one coin onto another in the most visual way imaginable. Imagine then, being able to instantly give the coins to the spectator to keep at the conclusion of the effect. The ink is real, and the reactions are insane!

DVD Contents:

Double Trouble - The spectator is asked to sign one of your coins with their initials, this coin is immediately given to them to hold in their hand. Taking one of the spectator’s coins from them (a coin of a completely different value/denomination) you proceed to mark it with your initials. Even though the spectator rubs both coins to ensure that the ink is permanent, you are able to cause the two signatures to transpose in the most visual way possible. Should you wish, both coins can be given away immediately after the transposition takes place.

Perfect Transpo - A £2.00 coin is borrowed from one spectator, this coin is signed/initialed by them and is immediately given to them to hold (they can even rub the coin themselves to ensure that the markings are permanent). You then borrow a completely different coin from a second spectator (a 10p), drawing all attention to the 10p piece, the impossible happens. With a simple wave of the hand, the spectator’s signature/initials visually appear on the 10p piece. This coin is immediately given out for examination. Upon opening their hand, the first coin is seen to be blank completing what can only be described as the perfect transposition.

The Waltz - Imagine having a husband and wife, each sign their initials upon a completely different coin. Each of the coins in turn is given to one of the spectators to hold. Between them the spectators decide upon which coin they want to focus their attention/thoughts upon. Upon doing so, it is revealed that the impossible has happened and upon opening their hand, the two signatures are found to have jumped together onto a single coin. Both coins can immediately be kept by the spectators.

Bonus Copper Silver Ending - Keeping in with the spirit of effects with a transposition nature Michael reveals the ending he used to close his copper silver routine for many years. This ending allows for an examined copper and silver coin to suddenly, and visually transform into two silver coins, they then immediately transform into two copper coins before changing back to normal again. Both coins can then be handed out for examination.

100th Murray - Magician/Mentalist Daniel Johnson treats us to his routine for the Murray Mint gimmick. Using a pseudo hypnotic induction the spectator’s memory is wiped and they are unable to recall the value/denomination of a coin which they signed only moments earlier. Michael Murray then expands upon this to discuss a one spectator variant that is not only practical, but is highly powerful to boot.

The Moves - This DVD has been created with ease of leaning in mind and the basic moves necessary to perform the included effects have each been broken down step by step and are taught with multiple camera angles leaving no stone unturned.

Note: In each instance, the signatures that jumps from one coin to the other genuinely belong to your spectators and are not duplicates in any fashion.

  • The signature/initials that the spectator places upon one coin are genuinely found, moments later, upon a completely different coin.
  • Includes precision engineered gimmick and Instructional DVD containing multiple routine possibilities.
  • Leave the spectator with an impossible souvenir (both coins can be borrowed and are given away immediately at the conclusion of the effect).
  • Uses basic coin handling techniques, all moves are taught in depth with multiple camera angles.

Note: For use with UK currency only

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