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Drink-O by Anthony Boe & Andy Morris

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Drink-O by Anthony Boe & Andy Morris

Drink-O is an extremely commercial mentalism routine that uses very simple, but devious methods. Which delivers a powerful multi-phased effect that packs a real punch.

This is an effect where you are able to “up the ante” over a number of very different and entertaining routine.

The drinks theme plays really well with laypeople and offers you great patter lines. The colourful and durable props are both attractive and practical.
This is an audience tested effect that gets great reactions. This will ensure it takes pride of place in your wallet. So you are ready to wow audiences at a moments notice.

EFFECT: The performer displays six cards from a drinking game titled “Drink-O” each card is shown to have a different drink printed upon its face. These cards are fairly shuffled by the mentalist and are then handed to a spectator.

The mentalist then turns his back allowing the spectator select a drink at random from the group (this is a genuinely random selection). The spectator is requested to commit its name to memory and then bury it amongst the remaining cards. Only then does the mentalist turn to face the audience. Stating that he is having some difficulty he requests that the cards are given to a second spectator for shuffling. (Note: at no point does the mentalist touch the cards).

The mentalist jokingly claims that the second helper may be a lot more predictable. This claim is further proven as the mentalist is amazingly able to predict which drink will remain on the table after a quick fire elimination round.

Things then take a turn for the strange when both the spectator and mentalist take turns at "mixing their drinks" and correctly identify the drinks that each other is thinking of.

Returning to the first spectator the mentalist recaps the fairness of the procedure and is then remarkably able to name (with no questions asked) which drink they were thinking of but is also able to reveal a thought of country and number which was rolled on an imaginary dice!!!

  • Comes complete ready to perform
  • Includes protective card pouch
  • No sleights needed
  • No multiple outs
  • Everything is examinable

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