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Deal or Steal Carl Crichton-Prince

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"Deal or Steal" is a mind-boggling self working magic trick that leaves spectators amazed and bewildered. The magician presents 10 numbered envelopes, each containing a sum of money ranging from 1p to £100. The envelopes are mixed and shuffled, ensuring that the contents remain a mystery. The spectator is invited to freely select one envelope in the hopes of outwitting the banker and winning the money inside.

The magician, using their cunning skill, appears to be at the mercy of the spectator's choice. However, thanks to an ingenious and cleverly concealed method, the magician is able to manipulate the situation to their advantage. As the trick unfolds, it becomes clear that the magician will come out on top every time, leaving the audience in awe of their seemingly impossible ability to predict and control the outcome.

As the trick reaches its climax, the magician delivers an out-of-this-world ending that defies all logic and explanation. The self-working nature of the trick allows the magician to perform it effortlessly, ensuring that it can be repeated to astound and entertain audiences time and time again.

With its ability to create a sense of wonder and disbelief, "Deal or Steal" stands as a self-contained miracle that can be carried in the magician's pocket, ready to mystify and captivate crowds wherever it is performed.

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