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Appearing 8 Foot Pole/Wand/Straw

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Finally after months of research we finally have HIGH quality poles in stock!!


These are NOT the Sorcerery manufacturing ones, as we found these to be very poor in comparison. There are many on the market but we can save you time, these are the best and only ones worth buying! These are made by a magic company in the USA and by far the best around.

This is the classic appearing EIGHT foot pole. Imagine the look on the audience face when you look inside a very small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!

The visual on this is incredible, your audience will not believe their eyes. Even close-up you can’t figure it out!

Put it in their hands and they still can’t figure it out!

This is visual high-powered magic at it’s best, at an extremely reasonable price. Imagine anytime during your act you reach into your pocket, a hat or a little paper sack and pull out this pole!

I know it sounds impossible, but once you have this thing in your hands, that’s exactly what you will be able to do.

It’s simple, in fact so simple a child could easily do it!

Don’t confuse this with the appearing canes and candles on the market. We all know those have seams you can see.

This pole is VISUALLY seamless no coils or springs of any kind. You can do this right out in the audience surrounded with no fear of being caught.

The pole measures 8 feet in length and approximately 1.5″ in diameter

Imagine, if you will, nothing in your hands and you reach into your pocket and pull out a solid looking 8 foot pole. (In actual fact the pole only measures 8‘) However a new technology in magic has been discovered, going beyond the normal appearing canes etc. The pole actually rolls up measuring only 6 inches by 2 inches. You could use this prop for endless fun and as a prop with other apparatus. Now available in the form of a huge, Wand, pole or a Straw!!

Appearing 10 ft wand

Appearing 10 ft pole

Appearing 10 ft straw

Formally called Sylvester The Jesters appearing 10 Foot pole, but in fact was only ever 8 foot but sometimes men exaggerate things....

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