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23:23 Instant Download

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23:23 is a collection of my latest works, the routines you will find within teach some truly essential methods and moves, the ideal introduction to mentalism, while at the same time adding new thoughts and layers to any seasoned mentalist's arsenal.

Includes version one of Altered - The highly anticipated coin bend you can PHYSICALLY feel.

Sylla-code : A unique 2 person code ANYONE can learn.
Morse: A spectator is mind-reader effect utilizing the Sylla-code principal.
Svengali Toss - Remastered: Thoughts on the classic Hoy effect, 3 spectators merely peek a card from the deck in their hands and with no moves you are able to reveal each one with pinpoint accuracy.
Altered - Version One: A marked coin is placed in the spectator's own hands where they physically feel it warp and bend.
Shift two: Taking the original Shift principal a giant leap forward - This is the same version you'll see me perform at all my close-up shows.
Turnover 23: The Evolution of the mexican turnover. This move allows you to lay down a DIFFERENT BACKED prediction on the table of a card they freely think of.

This is a collection I've kept to myself for a long time now, despite many, many requests for release. You'll see why very soon...

The Reviews have been rolling in only a few hours from release:

"This is the first piece of material that I have received from Dee and the work is brilliant. You can tell that these are effects that he actually uses and didn't just create random crap to sell. All the routines have a good flow to them. I especially liked sylla-code. Very very good idea. Simple and elegant."
Matthew Mello - Creator of Technique

"Ingenious. I can never get enough of his material. This is, by far, Dee Christopher's best book yet! 'Turnover 23' is definitely going into my repertoire TODAY!" Brandon Wolf, Professional Magician

"Great stuff, but the thing i wanted to call attention to... has anyone else noticed the credits? one name in particular jumped out at me, he thanked Avril Lavigne, omg i swear i laughed for like 10 minutes straight." JRobarts05, Theory 11 Forums


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